Can Cleaning the Toilet Make You a Better Leader?

It might sound strange, but it makes sense after you read why cleaning the toilet can make you a better leader. Leadership is about responsibility, doing things that need to be done, including cleaning toilets. No one¬†wants to do it, but it’s something that needs to be done, so when you step up and take […]

15 Mother’s Day Gifts to Splurge On

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so don’t forget to get the woman who works so hard for you the amazing gifts that she deserves!

Corporate Gift-Giving: A Solid Business Investment

Promotional gifts are a secret to success that many businesses benefit from not just during the holidays, but year round! Corporate gift-giving is much more than showing gratitude at the end of the year, in fact while the holidays are over, savvy marketers know that the season of gift-giving lasts all year! It’s an opportunity […]

Are Your Emails Sending the Wrong Message?

Have you ever gotten an email that you found to be slightly offensive or rude? You could be guilty of doing the same thing, and not even knowing it because of your email habits. One bad habit is an abusive subject line like “URGENT” or “READ ME”, that you may be hoping will catch their […]

Best Gifts for Your Boss’ Kids

Have you been invited to your boss’ kid’s birthday party but you have absolutely no idea what gifts to get a child?

Is Your Job on the Happy or Unhappy List?

Forbes created a list of the top happiest and unhappiest jobs in 2015, can you guess which one your job is on? The number one happiest job reported was a school principal followed by a very happy looking executive chef. Surprisingly…a loan officer was listed as third happiest job, and the remaining seven are questionable […]

9 Tips For Starting a Business Twitter

Does your business have a Twitter? Do you even know how to use Twitter or what its benefits are? This article can help you decide if you even need Twitter, and how to set one up and use it for marketing. First and foremost, you need to figure out if your target audience is on […]

To Gain Success, Stop Telling People What to Do

Are you the type of leader who thinks that you’ll gain success by being authoritative and telling people what to do?

How to Successfully Handle Confrontation

No matter what, there’s always going to be a point in time where a confrontation arises, so it’s important to know how to successfully butt heads.This article gives you 12 don’ts and 12 do’s for butting heads successfully. An example of some don’ts include assuming a battle posture, rushing to judgement, and even sitting at […]

The Benefits of Power Breakfast and Power Lunch

Power breakfast and power lunch aren’t just meant to get your energy going, the two are both very powerful and important networking techniques as well. There are many advantages, opportunities, and techniques for power breakfast and lunches, you just have to know how to see them that way to really benefit from them. This article […]