Playing a Guitar with a Zippo?

Just Press Play has names its top 100 musical artists of the last 100 years.  #13 on the list is one of our all-time favorites,  Pink Floyd.  Sadly, we were not aware that there was 5th member of Pink Floyd named Syd Barrett.  Barrett was famous for being a musical innovator.  Much of this gets [Read More…]

Grandfather’s Stolen Pocket Watch

Eric Smith had 2 things to remember his grandfather David Smith (whom he never met) by.   A framed American Shipmaster’s Marine Certificate and his grandfather’s gold pocket watch.  Now he only has one.  The pocket watch has been stolen  right off his mantel.   The pocket watch was a gift to him from his [Read More…]

Zippo Cologne?

Zippo Manufacturing Company, makers of the iconic Zippo Lighter, are spreading their wings. With sales of tobacco and tobacco products on the decline due to worldwide health concerns, the company, based in Pennsylvania, is diversifying into other fields. Some areas of note that they’re branching out into are writing instruments, watches, sunglasses and hand warmers. [Read More…]

Adolf Hitler’s Pocket Watch

Custom’s officials in Poland stopped a nervous driver crossing in from Russia suspecting him of smuggling cigarettes.  When they conducted a search, they found a personalized pocket watch that belonged to Hitler himself.  It was a handsome silver and gold pocket watch, engraved with the Nazi insignia and the date, April 20, 1936, commemorating Hitler’s [Read More…]

Link Buying For SEO

I read a great post over at Small Business Mavericks .   The post reference this article about whether Link Buying is necessary to rank for your chosen keywords in Google.  The obvious answer is “it depends”.  If you’re trying to rank for extremely long tail keywords like “Velcro strapped blue suede shoes”, chances are [Read More…]

Top Quality Yet Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

“Like” if you enjoy quality but need cheap! In times of economic ups and downs, people don’t always have as much to spend on wedding gifts, yet they still want quality. In short, they want things like cheap groomsmen gifts And cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality, not today, anyway, with ecommerce sites handy. [Read More…]