Link Buying For SEO


My name is Pete Ekizian. I own and operate Executive Gift Shoppe. We opened in 1999 and we specialize in unique gifts for young professionals.

I read a great post over at Small Business Mavericks .   The post reference this article about whether Link Buying is necessary to rank for your chosen keywords in Google.  The obvious answer is “it depends”.  If you’re trying to rank for extremely long tail keywords like “Velcro strapped blue suede shoes”, chances are that an article or two posted to Ezine Articles and making proper use of your meta tags should do the trick for you.  If however, you’re looking to rank for a keyword that generates any type of real money online, it will be touch to rank without buying links.  Not impossible, but very difficult.

The problem is that, for all of Google tough talk about frowning upon paid links, they are very tough to filter out.  How can you be sure a link is paid for and particularly in ecommerce, how are you going to get an authoritative website to link to you without paying them?  It is very rare to convince websites to rank to e-commerce sites without some type of incentive.  I know in our arena, men’s gifts, the first page of our SERPS are littered with sites that are purchasing keywords.

I don’t mind sites ranking that are at least clever about their link buying.  Some sites seem to be approaching website owners directly and requesting links to be put in the middle of content on said site.  At least these site owners are putting in some work.  I am finding it increasingly frustrating though, to be getting beat out in the SERPS by websites buying blogroll links and run of site links.  Google please help!  Now, we don’t buy links and never will because buying links is a slippery slope and you never know which paid links are really working.   We’re busy trying to develop unique content but sometimes, it feels like a losing battle!