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Archive for February, 2012

Groomsmen Gifts – Job For The Parents Of The Groom?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

I stumbled across an interesting Q and A session on the responsibilities of the parents of the groom. Basically, the parents of the groom’s family has always been thought of as having no responsibilities.  Yes, I know, dinner at the outback a couple of days before the wedding is called a “rehearsal dinner” and is supposed to be thrown by the groom’s side.  But that’s it.  Or is it?  And, is the rehearsal dinner itself some small responsibility or is it kind of a bid deal?

In short, the rehearsal dinner is kind of a big deal and yes, the groom’s parents have plenty of other responsibilities.  First, the rehearsal dinner. There is the choosing of guests, the sending of invitations,  the restaurant to book (and I was joking about the Outback before, its a fine restaurant, but not for a rehearsal dinner), seating and finally, the groomsmen gifts.  This last one, choosing of the gifts for the grooms wedding party is something I had no idea was the responsibility of the groom’s parents before reading this Q&A.  To be honest, I’m still not sure I agree, but this Diane Isbell (who wrote this piece) does deem herself and etiquette expert so I’ll defer to her.

Some other responsibilities include:

  • Flowers for the bride, groom, both wedding parties and anyone else in the entire church that will be wearing one

  • Fees for the Church, Synagogue, Mosque or any other venue that you might hold the wedding

  • Marriage license

  • Fees for any and all musicians at the wedding location (this does not include the entertainment at the reception)

  • Any fees for the officiant to get to the wedding, like plane fare or lodging

  • The cost of the honeymoon (this is a big one and one I was not aware of)

  • Bachelor dinner (not sure I agree but I’ll again defer to Isbell

  • Cost of getting the groom and best man to the wedding

So there you have it, and you thought the bride’s family had it tough paying for that little thing called the wedding reception! Incidentally, I know the caption above is of Steve Martin in Father of the Bride. They didn’t make a Father of the Groom!

Minimalist Wallet for Photographers

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

For all you photographers out there, we have found the  minimalist photographer’s wallet for you to carry on all of your photo shoots.  It is small, compact and holds just the essentials for a day of shooting.  Made of either black bison leather or brown kodiak leather right here in the United States, it has a really cool look and feel to it.

Features include a small pocket on the outside back, perfect for you ID,  and a slightly larger inside pocket for a few credit cards and maybe a couple of Benjamins.  The main attractions, of course, are the two small pockets that are specifically made for your camera’s memory cards.  Going on a photo shoot and then maybe meeting up with some friends for a bite to eat?  Well, you’re in luck.  Carry your cards, a few bills and safely store your memory cards all in one great looking piece of leather!

On a side note, this small, compact wallet for photographers can also double as a business card case.  Going on a shoot and then meeting up with a prospective client?  Well, once again, you’re in luck!  Store your memory cards from the shoot safely while having a business card handy for any future clients!

  What do you think of this handy little contraption?

Wallet / Money Clip / Bottle Opener / iPhone Case

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

So this is it, we’ve found it. The ultimate gadget for today’s multi-taskingdrunk entrepreneur! Introducing the All-in-one Wallet/Money Clip/Bottle Opener/iPhone Case!

So let’s just say that you’re on line for a beer at Yankee Stadium.  Let’s assume that the beers they serve are not twist off caps but instead, caps that need to be opened with a bottle opener.  As long as we’re suspending reality, let’s pretend the beer costs $2.50 instead of $11.00!  Anyway, back to our scenario!

After a short wait (this is the new Yankeed stadium, not the old one), you are at the front of the line.  You tell the friend you’re talking to on your iPhone to hold on.  You take said iPhone and remove a $5.00 bill from the handy money clip (not one of the best money clips for men, but it will do) on back to pay for your beer (or a credit card from the wallet to pay for it if we were dealing with the actual reality of an $11.00 beer!)

You get back to your seat and say goodbye to your friend.  After all, who wants to talk on the phone while drinking a beer and watching a baseball game.  You need to open your bottle of frosty suds so you again whip out your iPhone and its holder and use the bottle opener to pop the top.  Talk about an all in one tool!

You are now free to put your Wallet/Money Clip/Bottle Opener/iPhone Holder away until the next round of brew!

Personalized NFL & MLB Mugs

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

So we rarely post straight up plugs for our products but we have recently added 2 new gifts for men that we thought the guy in your life might like. Drum roll please…. Personalized NFL Mugs and Personalized MLB Mugs. Both hold 15 ounces of your favorite beverage and can be engraved on back with a name, a date or both.

Guys are tough to shop for but one thing most guys have in common, they like sports and have a favorite team. Get your man a gift he’s sure to love and use again and again. The engraving on the back adds a sentimental, personal touch that he will not admit makes him feel special!

Top Ten Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Before you go and tell me to relax a little bit, it’s only February, not even close to wedding season, let me tell you this. I know! One thing I’ve learned over the last 10 years of selling gifts for groomsmen and ushers its that the traditional wedding season has changed. Couples are getting married all year round these days. That being said, the spring is still the most popular wedding season and believe it or not, its just around the corner.

So, with no further ado, I present to you our list of this years Top Ten Groomsmen Gift Ideas. Disclaimer, we sell all of these products!

  • 1) 64 Ounce Super-sized flask. This massive flask is more of a humorousgift than something your friend will actually use, however, it is hysterical. Just wait until you see the face on your groomsmen when you traipse these out! On a side note, they are perfect to tote wine, sangria or a mixed drink to a picnic or family gathering.

  • 2) Classic Square Personalized Cufflinks.   These classic cufflinks are ideal for keeping the cuffs of your groomsmen sealed tight while they stand up for you on your big day.  The square flat front will showcase their initials and they are a gift that your friends can use for the rest of their lives.  Sure, you can go with some novelty cufflinks or a set that says “Groomsman” on it but they are likely to stay in a dresser drawer for eternity.

  • 3) Classic Bifold Personalized Wallet.   If you’re looking for a gift for yourgroomsmen that they’ll use forever, then look no further.  What guy can’t use a classic leather wallet?  Answer: They all can!  Add each of your friends initials to the face of their wallets for a personal touch.  The bonus, your wedding party will be able to hold a whole bunch of singles in their wallets to tip the bartenders!

  • 4) Classic Polished Money Clip.  Thinking that maybe a wallet is too bulky for your guys?  Not sure we agree but we respect your opinion so we bring youthe classic money clip.  A simple solid single piece of metal folded on top of itself.  You’ll find no more secure grip of your cash and no more elegant way to hold it.  Add a set of initials or even a name and a date free of charge for a great personal touch, your groomsmen will appreciate it!

  • 5)  Classic Polished Business Card Holder.    Noticing a trend?  Classic is in.  And by classic, we mean smooth, polished, clean and elegant.   Thispolished business card holder fits right in with that description!  Made of solid stainless steel and polished to a high sheen, this is the perfect gift for the young professionals in your wedding party.   Engrave their names and job titles for a gift they’ll use all the time!

  • 6) NFL Beer Mug.    Got some NFL fanatics in your wedding party?  Maybe they drink beer too?  Well, if both of these conditions are met, then an NFLbeer mug just may be the perfect gift for them.  Available in all 32 teams, each mug features a pewter emblem with the NFL team logo of their choice.  Laser engrave the groomsman’s name and your wedding date on the back for a special memento.

  • 7) Personalized Barbecue Set.  Got some grill masters in your wedding party?   Well if you do, then one of our BBQ sets with their name and a quirky message personalized on the lid just may be the perfect gift for them.  Each BBQ set comes with 3 tools: a pair of tongs, a spatula and steak fork.  The lid engraving is done using a powerful laser for a really cool look and the tools are packed in cut out foam to keep them in pristine condition.

  • 8) Groomsman’s Survival Kit.   Well, I think the name says it all.  Gift yourgroomsmen one of these handy little sets and they will be covered from pre-wedding photos to the post reception cigar.  It includes a small tubular flask to have a nip or two prior to the Church, a leatherette case with slots for credit cards and a cigar cutter and cigar holder to light that post reception stogie.  Free engraving on the cigar holder and flask add the perfect personal touch.

  • 9) Personalized Man Cave Sign.  Nothing is hotter than man caves now sowhether your groomsmen have full-fledged dens complete with pool tables and dart boards or they just have small office that they call their own, a personalized man cave sign is a necessity.  Now granted, there is nothing on this sign that commemorates your big day but you can rest assured that your buddies will think of you every time they raise a frosty one in their man cave!

  • 10) Personalized Wooden Lockblade Knife.  Now this one’s a little different.  This gift is really more for your rugged out-doorsy type.  Of course, so are SUVs and pick up trucks  but that doesn’t keep just about every guy from buying one.  Know any guys that have pick up trucks that are not what you’d call man’s men?  So do I.  Think they’d appreciate a handsome wooden lockblade knife with their name burnished into it?  So do I!

    So that’s it, our top ten list of groomsmen gifts for 2012.  There were some tough decisions and some really cool items didn’t make the cut.   Got some other cool ideas for gifts, by all means comment below!

Star Wars Cufflinks – The Ultimate in Geek Style!

Monday, February 13th, 2012

I stumbled across what’s going to be the hot new accessory for all well-dressed geeks, Star Wars Cufflinks! I found a review of the Star Wars Cufflinks over at GadgetWiki.com.   Now listen, I was never a huge fan of Star Wars, Star Trek or Dungeons & Dragons (not to lump these all in together!) but these cufflinks are pretty cool to look at.  To be honest, I would have thought they were just cool looking cufflinks if I didn’t read the review telling me they were Star Wars themed.

Available in Galactic Empire Black or Rebel Alliance Red (I don’t even know what this means, but there it is), these cufflinks are sure to thrill all the geeks out there!  In fact, the reviewer at Gadget Wiki even talks about staging a galactic battle on your cuffs between the 2 styles.    Now, maybe Star Wars fans think I’m a geek (I don’t know and I don’t care), but if you’re staging galactic battles on your cuffs then I challenge that you are more of a geek than I!

Accessories for Divorced Men

Friday, February 10th, 2012

I came across an informative, timely and, I thought, somewhat humorous article over at the NY Times titles Accessories for the Man Who Has Nothing. It’s essentially written specifically for recently divorced men.  I thought it was really interesting becuase I had never, ever heard this topic addressed before.  You hear of divorce all the time but I’ve never considered the fact that a man going through a divorce is usually required to leave the house with basically just his clothes.

Now, divorce can be terrible, we all know that.  But if you are a lemons into lemonades type of guy, you can really look at it as an opportunity to up your stuff.  Some topics addressed are beedding, entertainment, fitness and boozing.  Here are our thoughts:

  • Bedding: The article suggests going out and getting a manly type of bed.  Great idea but you are going to have to consider the fact that a woman may be calling this her bad at some pont in the future.  Use discretion

  • Entertainment:  The article suggests purchasing the biggest TV you can find.  I find that women are not as interested in TVs over 60″.  Again, use your discretion

  • Fitness:  Nothing but good here, the article suggest going out and getting in shape, and purchasing the proper equipment to do so.  This is all good, purchase away.

  • Booze:  The article finally suggests different libation products you can buy.  From Keg O Rators to Martini makers to hip flasks you can drink them from, use your discretion here.  Its definitely alright to drown your sorrows but you don’t want to become a drunk.  The martini maker may come in particularly handy if you decide to use your new bachelor pad to entertain a lady friend!

Braun Travel Alarm Clock? Not So Much!

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

The good folks over at Gizmodo have reviewed Braun’s new take on a classic alarm clock, the Voice Activated Alarm Clock. Yes, that’s right, voice activated. It claims that the alarm will go off by you basically telling it to go off.   You can find the review here: Braun Alarm Clock Review.    So anyway, the gist of the review is that this alarm clock stinks.  The design is flawless but the production of it is as cheap as can be.  Isn’t that a synopsis of about 90% of products out there?  I digress.

Anyway, the production is cheap, all crappy plastic and what not.  The big claim by Braun with this clock is that the snooze function is voice activated.  The alarm goes off, you tell it to shut up and it does.  Apparently, you have to scream like a wounded lion to get this thing to snooze.  So if you live in an apartment building, with other humans or even on a street where the houses are fairly close to each other, this is not the clock for you.  If however, you’re using it as a travel alarm (where you won’t see the people staying in the next hotel room) or you live alone on a deserted street, by all means go for it.  Me, I’m sticking with my classic atomic travel alarm with the wind-up movement, pin in the back and luminescent hands!

Another Slim Money Clip on the Market

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

So it seems like once a week, some company comes out with another money clip that is the “thinnest ever made.” You know the late night commercials. Some guy is toting around a wallet the size of a small seal and he’s grimacing as he pulls it out of his pocket like he’s being poked with a branding iron. Enter the flat clip or the slim wallet or some other contraption that will make all of your cash and credit card carrying nightmares go away.

Enter the latest version of this, simply called the Slim Money Clip.  The design is slightly different than past metal money clip/wallets, but not much.  Its bascially one solid piece of metal folded a few times onto itself.  Inside, you can carry a few cards in the center and some bills inside one of the additional folds.  Sound familiar?  It should, these have been around for years.  I guess its the nature of capitalism, companies are always trying to create new and better products.  I think in this instance, we are beating a dead horse.

I submit to you exhibit A, the Cash and Credit Money Clip.  Its been around since the Nixon administration and guess what?  It holds both cash and credit cards.  Looking for something a little bigger, so the credit cards are completely encased, I give you exhibit B: a Leather Money Clip Wallet.    Every bit as slim and compact as any metal “slim money clip” and far more comfortable in your pocket.  It doesn’t jab a corner into your hip when you get in your drivers seat and it won’t set off the metal detector at the airport.  Seen enough?  I haven’t.  Lastly, I offer you exhibit C: the classic, fun Magic Wallet.  No clips involved, just a soft leather, laws of nature defying slim wallet that miraculously, in fact magically, holds onto your cash.

I realize that companies are going to keep coming out with new, slimmer and “better” ways to hold both your cash and credit cards in one shot.  But I ask  you this, are phone companies still making cell phones that are so small you can store them in a tic tac box?  No, because at a certain point, other factors besides size come into play. Design, comfort and looks play a huge factor in the design of your money clip.  Yes, size matters, but its not the only thing that matters!  What do you think?

Zippo Hand Warmer – Gadget to Ease the Chill!

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Granted, its been anything but a brutal winter here in the North East. As I write this, it is going to be over 50 degrees outside, and this is the day after the Super Bowl! Which, my Giants (I’m a native New Yorker) won by the way, but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, I digress. It has been an unusually mild winter here in New York and in most parts of the country. That doesn’t mean that we should forget about gadgets that can keep us warm. On the contrary, this winter could turn on a dime any day now and we’ll want to be prepared!

That brings me to the topic of this post. I found a really cool article on USA Today’s website showcasing gadgets that will keep you warm despite winter’s chill.  There are some cool things like winter gloves that you can still operate PDAs with, incandescent light bulbs that give off heat and a crossbow snow launcher (a warped mind created this one).  However, for our purposes, as we’re Zippo fanatics, we took notice of the Zippo Deluxe Hand Warmer.  This handy gadget is refillable so you won’t have to throw away those over the counter hand warmers (that hardly work anyway).  It is up to 10 times stronger than those disposable ones and its made by Zippo so you know two things.  It looks cool and its guaranteed for life!  What do you think?  Let us know how you feel about this unique product below.  We’d love to hear from you!