Minimalist Wallet for Photographers

For all you photographers out there, we have found the  minimalist photographer’s wallet for you to carry on all of your photo shoots.  It is small, compact and holds just the essentials for a day of shooting.  Made of either black bison leather or brown kodiak leather right here in the United States, it has […]

Wallet / Money Clip / Bottle Opener / iPhone Case

So this is it, we’ve found it. The ultimate gadget for today’s multi-taskingdrunk entrepreneur! Introducing the All-in-one Wallet/Money Clip/Bottle Opener/iPhone Case! So let’s just say that you’re on line for a beer at Yankee Stadium.  Let’s assume that the beers they serve are not twist off caps but instead, caps that need to be opened […]

Personalized NFL & MLB Mugs

So we rarely post straight up plugs for our products but we have recently added 2 new gifts for men that we thought the guy in your life might like. Drum roll please…. Personalized NFL Mugs and Personalized MLB Mugs. Both hold 15 ounces of your favorite beverage and can be engraved on back with […]

Top Ten Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Before you go and tell me to relax a little bit, it’s only February, not even close to wedding season, let me tell you this. I know! One thing I’ve learned over the last 10 years of selling gifts for groomsmen and ushers its that the traditional wedding season has changed. Couples are getting married […]

Accessories for Divorced Men

I came across an informative, timely and, I thought, somewhat humorous article over at the NY Times titles Accessories for the Man Who Has Nothing. It’s essentially written specifically for recently divorced men.  I thought it was really interesting becuase I had never, ever heard this topic addressed before.  You hear of divorce all the […]

Braun Travel Alarm Clock? Not So Much!

The good folks over at Gizmodo have reviewed Braun’s new take on a classic alarm clock, the Voice Activated Alarm Clock. Yes, that’s right, voice activated. It claims that the alarm will go off by you basically telling it to go off.   You can find the review here: Braun Alarm Clock Review.    So anyway, the […]

Another Slim Money Clip on the Market

So it seems like once a week, some company comes out with another money clip that is the “thinnest ever made.” You know the late night commercials. Some guy is toting around a wallet the size of a small seal and he’s grimacing as he pulls it out of his pocket like he’s being poked […]