Do It Yourself Valentines Gifts for Him


My name is Pete Ekizian. I own and operate Executive Gift Shoppe. We opened in 1999 and we specialize in unique gifts for young professionals.

Listen, times are tight.  We’re all aware of this.  But you know that your man isgoing to get you something nice for Valentine’s Day.  At the very least, dinner and flowers, right?  Maybe  a box of chocolates too?  What are you giving him, your thanks for what he got you?  That’s not right.

You see, somewhere along the line, men started getting the shaft on Valentine’s Day.  And that was before the worst recession in our lifetime hit!  Contrary to what you may think, your guy does not need anything elaborate to show him you care.

He’s not looking for diamonds, like someone else I know.  He doesn’t need a new Lexus or a fur coat.  He just needs a small gesture to show him you care.  Maybe a personalized money clip or wallet or embroidered tie, these can be bought very inexpensively.  If you can’t afford even that this year, and there’s no shame in that, how about a home made gift?  Our friends at Crafting A Green World have put together a list of 10 DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for your man.  Go check it out and get cracking, the big day is only 2 weeks away!