The iPocketWatch – A Watch Whose Time Is Coming


My name is Pete Ekizian. I own and operate Executive Gift Shoppe. We opened in 1999 and we specialize in unique gifts for young professionals.

Steven Jobs may have passed on, but his legacy lives on, sometimes in rather odd and unusual ways.  With the advent of the iPod Nano 6 Generation, people have been creating wristwatch bands for their iPods. A comment from Jobs that people should design their own helped spur this on.  These bands have ranged from cheap to extravagant, and a good example of the latter is the iPocketWatch.

While the iPocketWatch is only in prototype at the moment, and the creator, Edwin Conan is looking to crowdfund the development and first production run of the product.  So this could be an item to look for in the near future.  This unique iPocketWatch is inspired by the Roman numeral watch face of the Nano and a bit of old school style.  Mr. Conan believes the pocket watch version is superior to the wristwatch type, and most people would agree that having an iPod attached to their wrist is rather annoying.

The iPocketWatch prototype includes a chain that can be connected to your belt or a belt loop.  It also features a clip on the back that can be hooked to a pocket, similar to other pocket watches for  men,  so you’ll always know it’s secure.  The case is made from gleaming aluminum and is available in two variations, a square face version that allows you access to the entire touchscreen, and a round face version that looks more like a traditional wristwatch.

Part of the touchscreen is not accessible in the round version, but users can still swipe and change tracks in this smaller window very easily.  You will be able to get one in either black or silver, and the projected selling price will in the neighborhood of $60.

You can either watch closely for the release of this product in the future, or if you’d like to roll the dice and help to finance this project, visit and donate to the financing of this intriguing product.