Who Needs Counseling? Save Your Relationship with a Man Cave


My name is Pete Ekizian. I own and operate Executive Gift Shoppe. We opened in 1999 and we specialize in unique gifts for young professionals.

Is there a more difficult animal on the planet to buy for than a man? Not so much if you’re savvy on power tools, a skill most ladies lack in this day and age. A sentimental gift may work on anniversaries and such, but trust us on this, it’s not the way to your man’s heart. Take our sage advice and save your relationship with some good common sense thinking.

If you really want to make your man happy on one of his special days, get him what he secretly craves, a man cave! The choices are endless, there are varieties of every shape and size. You can buy a man cave that is free-standing for the backyard, you can get the tree house variety, or you can just modify an out of the way existing room in your home or garage.

A man can rediscover what he’s all about when in seclusion in his man cave, and it’s much more effective than trying to get a counselor to explore his inner thinking, and cheaper in most cases as well. You’ll see your man come alive with boyish enthusiasm in the planning stages, and you’ll be able to communicate like never before.

With his own sanctuary, your man can watch what he wants on TV, listen to music he loves, hang his personalized man cave sign and eat his favorite foods. He’ll rediscover just what it is that makes him tick. And he’ll be a much better mate for it as well. Plus, there are fringe benefits in the deal for you as well. With all of his tasteless decorations and relics all in one place, you can reclaim the main house as your own. Call over your girlfriends and watch a Sex and the City marathon without having to worry about repeated requests for food. Redecorate the house, he’ll probably never even notice.

But don’t tell him, let him think it’s all about him. Forget about therapy, don’t book a slot on the Dr. Phil Show, and absolutely nix an appearance on Jerry Springer. Get your man a man cave and let the harmony begin.