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What Does The President Do With Gifts?

Monday, January 26th, 2015

You can probably imagine how many gifts the president gets, especially around the holidays, but what do you think he does with the 15,000 gifts he gets each year? It’s a lot more extensive than you think. First of all, he gets some pretty awesome gifts, from sculptures to a mounted zebra skin from Tanzania. But they also have to record each gift they receive, who sent it, and what ties we have with their country. Then guess what they have to do next?

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What Gift To Give For Valentines Day

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Do you know what gift you’re going to give your significant other for Valentines Day? Are you going to try to think of something on your own, or should you “stick to the list” so you don’t mess anything up? Well if you need a little clarity, Business Insider offers an entire article on how to figure out what to get your significant other. From research on the interpretation of gifts, to gifts to give to people you have non-romantic relationships with, you really can’t mess it up with their suggestions.

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6 Technology Tools To Train New Employees

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Technology has made things so much easier, especially when it comes to training new employees. This article offers 6 technology tools that you can utilize to train new employees as well as welcome them. From HR software that offers automated options, to welcoming them on social media, these tools will definitely help both of you, and help you save time!

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America’s Most Promising Company – Instacart

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Forbes just released its list of America’s Most Promising Companies, and at the top was an app called Instacart. The $2 billion grocery delivery service has sky rocketed up the Silicon Valley money list in just 2.5 years and is still growing. This month, Instacart announced a new $220 million Series C funding round, just six months after raising $44 million.

So what is all that money being used for? Instacart founder and CEO Apoorva Mehta says he needs the money to expand to new markets. Currently Instacart is in 15 cities with 4,000 personal shoppers with plans to grow to more areas. Instacart has been so successful that its sales grew from $1 million in 2012 to $10 million in 2013 and $100 million last year.

Forbes talked with Mehta about the recent funding, not selling out to one of his massive rivals, and what the future holds for supermarkets. You’ll also find out from the interview how he feels about being a $2 billion company, and what new categories he plans on adding.

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How to Lead From Who You Are

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Do you lead from who you are rather than from your power or position? The Lead Change Group captured the idea of leadership being character-based rather than position based. What they found was that character-based leadership is not a list of behaviors, but is about who you are at your core. It further explains how leadership is influence, how influence is given, and how people give influence based on competence, trust, and purpose.

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Innovation Lacks in Big Bussinesses

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Sure, big businesses are probably very successful and powerful, but they don’t seem to be very innovative. If you take a look around the big business landscape, it won’t reveal much in the way of innovation because of how routine things typically are. There are reasons why innovation lacks in big businesses, one being that they are simply too big to adopt new ideas or regulations. Could you imagine trying to teach an entire big business a new strategy?

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How To Travel For Almost Free

Friday, January 16th, 2015

Former Proctor & Gamble Innovation Leader Dustin Garis figured out how to travel for almost free, bringing him to 33 countries on five continents. It’s definitely not for everyone, but his strategy is pretty genius. He wanted to connect people around the world and understand their lives, so he would shadow people, who in turn, invited him into their homes for days or weeks on end. In this article he reveals several other tips for traveling like you’re rich, even though you aren’t.

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How Platforms Are Actually ‘Bundling’

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

There was a big story at CES called ‘Internet of Things’ with a related narrative illustrating how old-school forced media bundling was replaced by customer-centric platforms. But are these platforms the new ‘bundles’ of the digital age? They don’t just talk about the main operating platforms like iOS and Android, but other network of brands as well such as Nest, Amazon, and Uber.

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Why You’re Never Too Young To Be a Leader

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

So you’ve just started your career, you’re at the bottom of the ladder, but that doesn’t mean you’re too young to be a leader. Sure you may not get promoted to head-honcho right away, but there are other types of ways to start becoming a leader. With the right attitude, an observant eye and a desire to learn, any young professional can prevail early on.

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Has the Advertising Industry Become Divergent?

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Advertising Age announced the Top Campaigns of the 21st Century, which some might find odd since we are less than a quarter into the new century. Apparently there are reasons for it. According to Forbes, there has been so much change that has happened in advertising in the last fifteen years, that the editors at Ad Age decided to capture the winners in a time capsule sort of way. Indeed, there have been some massive advances in such a short period of time, which should be interesting to compare to in the next couple of years.

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