Managing the Outsourced

Are you tasked with finding freelancers and outsourced workers? If so, you probably are tasked with managing them as well. If you are, take a look at today’s article that will lead you on the proper road as to how to manage freelancers and virtual teams. Read on for more. Read the full article here: [Read More…]

How to overcome resistance

Perhaps you have been tasked with leading a team for your company, and you now find yourself working with some very stubborn people. What are you to do? Well, one thing you can do is learn to overcome their resistance by having a clear plan to your project. Learn the other odds and ends of [Read More…]

The Importance of You In Business

What is the most important aspect of your burgeoning business career? According to one Shark from the Shark Tank, it’s you. Your story becomes the most important element of advertising and selling. Though you may not be there yet, in terms of your business, but mastering your story for the sake and future of business [Read More…]

Trust and Your Business Future

Volkswagen is currently on a PR spin that is leading them ever downward. If you have not followed the story about their deceitful ways with the public, you ought to. Why does it concern you? It will show you precisely why truth and the trust of the public is so very important for your business [Read More…]

Start Your Journey Today

Did you know you are on a journey? It may not seem like it from your side of the office or your cubicle, but there is a great need for you to understand now that you are on the journey of a lifetime, learning how to lead and how to build a successful persona. Take [Read More…]

Maintaining Networks

The importance of networking for your career cannot be understated. Building solid connections is one of the best ways to advance in business and make your endeavors and dreams a reality. So learn to build that network today and solidify it for the sake of your future.   Read the full article here: Why networking [Read More…]

International Markets

Does your business deal with foreign markets on a regular basis? If so, take a look at these great ideas on dealing with culture in today’s article. It will deal with the nuances of international culture and how to navigate wisely.   Read the full article here: When Culture Doesn’t Translate