Tips for Managing Change

Everyone knows that managing change isn’t easy, but this article suggests that organizational alignment is the key to achieving it. According to the article, there are two types of organizational change: Change that is mandated and change that is proactive. The proactive type is of course easier, and can be less emotional than mandated change, [Read More…]

How to Creatively Respond to Conflict

Nobody enjoys office conflict, but it’s not always easy to figure out how to respond to it or resolve it. There is a new book called The Anatomy of Peace that acknowledges the fact that conflict is unavoidable. The authors say, “While we can’t avoid conflict, we can certainly choose how we respond to it.” Which [Read More…]

8 Employee Types That Can Be Destructive

It’s not only the truly terrible employees who can be destructive to a company, the real problems are caused by employees who appear to be doing a good job, but are secretly destroying it. Business Insider calls these types of employees like an “insidious cancer,” slowly destroying other employees’ performance, attitude, and morale, and thus [Read More…]

Why Workplace Relationships Matter

You may not like all of your co-workers, you may not even like making new friends, but regardless, it’s still important to build relationships in the workplace. This week Alice Waagan answers a workplace and management question from one of her readers that said, “I recently took a leadership position in an organization that I’ve [Read More…]

3 Tips to Reduce Consumer Churn

Reaching consumers has become much simpler thanks to online and social media efforts, but engaging those same consumers so they become loyal buyers has never been harder. One expert offers his three tips on reducing consumer churn to help you turn those likes and follows into purchases. The first thing you need to do is [Read More…]