Unraveling Culture

You may be an instrumental aspect of your company’s office life. Whether you are running the HR department or you are the culture manager; maintaining and growing that culture is extremely important. The smallest things can bring it down. Learn how to keep it going and prevent it from unraveling by safeguarding it against these [Read More…]

Out of the Office

Ever have to work outside of the office? We all do from time to time. However, what happens when you need to work for an extended amount of time out of the office? Perhaps your office is going through a move or a remodel, and you’ll be without your place of business. Take a look [Read More…]

Leading by Example

Working in an office affords you an opportunity to mix and match and learn from the people around you. You have the opportunity to watch great leaders and not so great leaders. You definitely have the opportunity to learn how to fashion and develop yourself to be a the leader you want. Learn today how [Read More…]

Office Reorganization

Is your company going through an office reorganization, and are you looking to be an instrumental part of it? Learn how to understand the strategic reorganization of your company and become a part of making it a reality through your own contribution. Take a look at today’ s article for more on this. Read the [Read More…]

Training to Lead

Do you have to train individuals at your office to acclimate to a new job and environment? If so, how do you do that? Take a look at leadership training and what it can afford you as you learn the process of navigating the office space and its politics. Read the full article here: Why [Read More…]

Boost Your Productivity

Need a boost in your productivity for more exposure and notice in the office setting? One thing you might want to do is take a look at today’s article that gives you some of the best productivity tips and tricks from google itself. If there is any company that knows how to get things done, [Read More…]

Transforming the Company

Is your company in the midst of a transformation? Many are as they have had to make shifts in their overall business strategy and plan. As transformation is going on around you, you may want to keep an eye out for various traps and pitfalls that are all too common around this notion of business [Read More…]

Giving Feedback

Giving feedback in the office space can be a very tricky thing. A lot of people are adverse to it because they are uncomfortable giving that sort of criticism. However, many people need to learn how to give criticism for the sake of constructive growth. Learn today how to give criticism that will build somebody [Read More…]

Great Productivity Tools

Want to make your office environment hum with productivity and excitement? One thing you might want to do is utilize these various web based tools to help everyone at the office work more efficiently. We have here for you thoughts on using google drive to online shareable spreadsheets. All the suggestions are definitely worth your [Read More…]