How to Nail a Job Interview

Our earlier post gave you some questions to never ask during a job interview, so here is one on ways to nail a job interview instead. The first tip, which should be a no-brainer, is to dress appropriately. Pick something that fits well, is conservative, and looks professional. It’s always better to be over-dressed than […]

When to Shut Up in a Job Interview

Job experts will agree that asking questions in a job interview is the best way to show your interest in the company, and determine if it’s a right fit for you, but sometimes you need to know when to just shut up. For starters, you should never ask for information that you could have easily […]

How to Turn Down a Job Politely

Many times, when searching for a job, you will apply for many at one time in the hopes of getting at least one. But what happens when you end up getting more than one and have to choose one and turn down the others? It’s an awkward situation and you don’t want to burn any […]

What to do When your Boss is Rude

Your boss might not always be the nicest person in the office, but what do you do if your boss is constantly rude to their employees? This woman’s boss sounds like a an absolute nightmare. She explains how her boss doesn’t yell or give extra work, but when she speaks, she just is always rude. Read about […]

Dealing With Employees’ Stress

As the boss of your company, you not only have to deal with your own stress, but the stress of your employees as well. Being the leader means being able to handle stressful situations, and help maintain a stress free environment that encourages productivity and creativity. Find out a few ways to manage employee stress […]

How to Prepare Your Teen for a Summer Job

With the school year coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about what your teen is going to do all summer, and chances are you’re rooting for a summer job. The good news is that 2015 is expected to have a lot of opportunities for new summer hires, and positions in retail, hospitality, […]

5 Gifts to Get Mom Organized

Moms are busy ladies! Give them a gift that will help them stay organized and keep their busy schedules in check! A Moleskin Notebook is a classic and traditional gift that’s the perfect thing for a mom who makes endless to-do lists. Portable iPhone chargers are always a great gift and tend to impress as […]

Small Gifts That Make a BIG Impact

Sometimes it’s the small gifts that make the biggest impact, especially when it comes to Mother’s Day. Take a look at this gift guide for some exceptional selections, like matching colorful small appliances, and glass kettles! Versatile cooking appliances like pressure cookers, soup blenders, and multicookers also make great gift ideas. Brightly colored single serve […]

Best Books to Give as Gifts

Whether you’re looking for gifts for Mother’s Day or an impressive office gift, books are always a great idea for anyone! Here’s a few titles of the best books on the market right now, from tear-jerkers, to mysteries, to love stories, and more! Body of Truth: ‘Why Fear Leads to Unhealthy Eating Habits’ is an interesting […]

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Foodie Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up, so if you haven’t gotten your gifts for the foodie mom, take a look at this fantastic guide! Whether she’s a baker, an entertainer, or just enjoys cooking up new concoctions, she’ll be sure to love one of these amazing gifts. From kitchen utensils, to floral themed napkins, and even […]