Leading By Pull, Not Push

Leading by pull instead of push is usually done by coaching-leaders, which is the type of leader you should want to be. This article explains how coaching-leaders create pull and how becoming one can be easy. One of the great opportunities of coaching-leadership is trusting talent to pull organizations forward, rather than to just expect […]

5 Ways to Be Remarkable at Work

Hard work is what life is all about, and without it, life would be meaningless. So if you want to be remarkable at work, you may want to consider these five principles of remarkable. First is committing to doing one thing exceptionally well. If you can’ t commit to being exceptional in one area, you’re […]

How to Use Belief to Inspire Boldness

Doubt inspires fear and insecurity, but belief inspires boldness. Belief can be used as motivation and transformation, which results in driving success. Believing in someone includes holding them to their full potential, expecting improved performance, taking action to mitigate weaknesses, and honoring success when it’s different from yours. Belief ennobles both the giver and the […]

How Leaders Deal With Negative Pasts

If there is something in your past that has a negative hold on you today, you need to learn how to let go of it, especially for leaders. Leaders tend to handle this feat for themselves pretty well, but it’s also important to know how to understand the negative past of others. The best way […]

How To Integrate Values to Connect With Your Team

Knowing what your team values is an excellent way to connect with them. You’ll see that certain team members with the same personal values, will tend to work better together or at certain types of tasks. Thus, as a leader, it is important to recognize and integrate your teams’ individual values when working with them […]

10 Tips for Developing a Strategy for Success

Without a strategy for success, you’re pretty much taking a shot in the dark, with no real structure or organization. This article discusses 10 ways to get where you want to go, which involves developing a strategy for success. You’ll need to start by really defining your business, and understanding the real value you bring […]

Don’t Be A Second-Guessing Leader

Second-guessing can cause leaders to create fearful environments where avoiding mistakes is the goal. But this can limit you to success, which is why it’s important to learn how to overcome the second-guessing-syndrome. Follow these seven steps to learn how to overcome it, starting with limiting the playing field. You can’t do everything well, but […]

Moving Your Dreams to Reality

Are you doing anything to move your dreams to a reality? Or are they just stagnant in the back of your mind? This article provides twelve questions that are necessary in order to move your dreams to reality. The way to do this is by developing a strategy, because you can’t move your dreams to reality […]

The One Word Leadership Secret

You may think that the key to leadership is having everyone listen to you, but how do you get people to even want to do that? The answer is adaptability. When working with people, whether it’s in the office or in life, you need to train yourself to be adaptable, otherwise you’ll never really get […]

Top 10 Tech Hubs in the U.S.

How do you determine which tech hubs are the best and most innovative? This article looked at the number of patents per 1,000 residents, venture capital received per capita in a particular region in 2014, and “economies of agglomeration”. Essentially, the way the cities are ranked are by the density of startups clustered together. At […]