Does China Need Purpose-Driven Leaders for Innovation?

Even after thirty-five years of reform, China’s industrial enterprises still lack innovative companies like Apple, but then again, they also lack people like Steve Jobs as well. The skepticism over the ability of China’s industrial enterprises to make the transition from cost-led competitive strategies to more innovative approaches is widespread, likely due to the underwhelming [Read More…]

10 Behaviors That Can Help Your Career

No matter where you work, you’ll always notice a recurring pattern of what creates success at work. There are certain types of people with certain behaviors that always seem to get ahead, because of these traits that lead them to success. The first behavior is being authentic. You’d be surprised at how many people appreciate [Read More…]

10 Best Cities for Millennials

Whether you’re just graduating, or looking for a place to launch your career, you should know that there are some places that are simply better for millennials to prosper in than others. It might be the amount of jobs available, or it might be affordable living, but either way, Forbes has presented a list of [Read More…]

Most Innovative Brands of 2015

With so many new innovations and start ups popping up all the time, it’s interesting to stop and take a look at which ones make the list of most innovative companies for 2015. As you can probably guess, Apple has the number one spot on the list, and who can blame them with their breakthrough [Read More…]

Most Desired Businesses to Work For

In this article, a global research and advisory firm called Universum looked at the employers who were most attractive to business students in the U.S. to work for. It also took a look at which employers are providing business students the most coveted opportunities by asking nearly 200,000 students from the world’s 12 largest economies [Read More…]

Top 10 Corporate Citizens in 2015

CR Magazine’s “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list is summarized in Forbes with the top 10, based on companies in the Russell 1000 index. The publicly available information has seven categories: environment, climate change, employee relations, human rights, governance, finance, and philanthropy. First on the list, is Microsoft, followed by a site called Hasbro. Then it’s [Read More…]

Dating and Technology

Technology makes pretty much anything possible these days, and in a large part, that includes dating. The internet is full of endless possibilities, and opens doors to a greater world that we might not otherwise get to experience. It has made it more convenient and comfortable to approach and maintain real world relationships, although it [Read More…]

How Do You Manage Up At Work?

The CEO isn’t the always the number one priority at work every day. In fact, some CEOs create an anxiety-ridden self-centered environment while others are the “perfect boss”  but it’s important to manage both relationships in a healthy way that develops your career as well as meets your boss’s needs. Employees look for three things from [Read More…]