The Increase in World Destabilizing

You’ll need to read the full article to find out the full details on what it means to have an increase in the world destabilizing, but essentially this article claims to take a look at the net assessment of the world. To try to summarize it, the author says that Europe and Asia is in […]

Why IT Should Be Important to CFO’s

Considering the fact that almost everything is tech-related in one way or another these days, the idea of IT departments being important to CFO’s shouldn’t be surprising.¬†While there has been a growing collaboration between the two departments, there is still a self-confessed lack of understanding of IT issues among finance executives that make them have […]

15 Best Cities For Jobs

In the spirit of graduation, here’s a list of the 15 best cities for jobs right now whether you’re looking for a new one, or your grad is. Some of the locations might not be places that you’d ever have thought of before, or maybe can’t picture yourself living, but if the moneys good and […]

Is Your Job Secure?

According to this article in Forbes, a report from the International Labour Organization is showing a global trend towards insecure employment, where only 1 in 4 workers actually have a secure job. That means that only a quarter of the world’s workers are on permanent contracts with the rest being either unpaid at home, self-employed, […]

10 Traits of Good Leaders

You’ll often find that the traits of good leaders are typically the same in any profession, and if they are, they generally lead to success. If you want to learn how to possess these traits, check out the article for tips on learning how to emphasize them. The first trait is honesty, something extremely important […]

9 Tips for Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an extremely valuable tool when used correctly, so if you’re unsure how to use it, now is probably the best time to learn! You can use LinkedIn not only as your professional portfolio, but for finding new jobs, building your brand, and even for hiring employees! In this detailed article on Forbes, you’ll […]

How to Be The Office Favorite

Are you the young go-getter type who wants to be the office favorite? Do you want your boss to always pick you first when it comes to special tasks and bonus opportunities? Check out these 9 tips on Forbes on how to win over your boss, and become the office favorite! From the most basic […]

The Ultimate Crowdfunding Checklist

Are you thinking about crowdfunding your idea? It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start, but this comprehensive guide on Forbes can definitely point you in the right position. You’ll need to start with the technicalities, which include a business plan, legal work, taxes, and choosing which platform to use. Then you’ll […]