Global Business Leader Skills You Need

If you’re a global business leader it is essential to be able to adapt yourself to the culture of the country in order to build inter-personal relationships.

5 Tips to Boost Your Business

Does your business need a boost? These five tips can help you boost your business in 2015! The first tip is putting your business under the spotlight and really analyzing what has worked, and what hasn’t. Next is evaluating your marketing – are you seeing results? Are you even doing any marketing? Third is knowing […]

Give the Gift of Asking For Help

This article explores the very interesting concept about how asking for help is like giving a gift. It’s simple really. A group was asked ‘How many of you like helping other people?’ and nearly everyone will raise their hand. Then they were asked, ‘How many of you love asking other people for help?’ and only about […]

How Gift Giving Makes Men Happier

That’s right, a neuroscientist in Claremont has discovered that gift giving and even sweet words make men happier.

Gift Giving Among CoWorkers Gains Popularity

According to a recent survey by an e-gift card retailer, gift giving among coworkers is gaining popularity.They said that people are more likely to buy presents for their officemates due to the growing popularity of digital payments and group gift options. It also found that one in ten consumers plan to give a gift to a […]

Leadership Lessons from the Oscars

This article explains the leadership lessons we should take from the Oscars and its many talented speakers.

Mark Your Calendar For Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is coming up in March, so mark your calendar now and start looking at gifts for mom! If you’re having trouble deciding what to get her, this gift guide has a ton of great ideas for all types of mothers! From a macaroon-making kit, to personalized jewelry, this gift guide has it all! […]

Why Successful People Practice Gift Giving

There’s an ongoing debate about the importance of gift giving, and whether materialistic things should be used with successful outcomes in mind.

How to Make Success Easier

There is no one answer for how to make success easier, but there are various steps to take as a leader to make it happen. One of those steps is improving performance through reflection and curiosity. To improve systems, you should practice focusing curiosity on patterns, by asking yourself the five questions in the article. […]

Leading By Pull, Not Push

Leading by pull instead of push is usually done by coaching-leaders, which is the type of leader you should want to be. This article explains how coaching-leaders create pull and how becoming one can be easy. One of the great opportunities of coaching-leadership is trusting talent to pull organizations forward, rather than to just expect […]