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8 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for creating and building relationships, and these 8 tips for enhancing yours will definitely help. First, customize invitations on LinkedIn, and if you get tagged in a conversation, write back! Pay attention to who is checking you out and who your current relationships are with. If you [Read More…]

How to Create the Path to a Goal

Sure, you can think of plenty of goals, but how do you create the path to achieve that goal? In this article, leaders clarify the path to a goal in a practical guide. Motivation, organization, support, and overall leadership are key, as well as setting a good example and model for other people to follow [Read More…]

New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? For leaders, this list might be a tough one, but here are some suggestions to help you out. Increase transparency by becoming more familiar with your teammates this year. Embrace your vulnerability, and develop opportunities to innovate. Engage your team and create shared experiences so that everyone [Read More…]

Brands That Will Blossom in 2015

The New Year means new opportunities for brands to develop and blossom enough to stand out amongst the competition. To do that, brands should be prepared to demonstrate a commitment to providing quality customer service at every aspect of their operations, which means not just relying on technology to do the job for you. Present [Read More…]

Forbes’ Top 30 Under 30

Try not to cry when you check out Forbes’ Top 30 under 30’s, maybe you can learn something about marketing and advertising from them. With the constant evolution of new technologies, methods, and tools to sculpt a consumer-brand relationship, you need to keep up with them or risk falling behind. One thing is for sure, these [Read More…]


How to Creatively Respond to Conflict

Nobody enjoys office conflict, but it’s not always easy to figure out how to respond to it or resolve it. There is a new book called The Anatomy of Peace that acknowledges the fact that conflict is unavoidable. The authors say, “While we can’t avoid conflict, we can certainly choose how we respond to it.” Which [Read More…]